Tuesday, June 17, 2014

BBC launches new music awards show (sort of)

There's always room for more music awards shows, right? Because there's an unlimited pool of talent just waiting to do the 'and the winner is...' shuffle. There are simply too many days that don't have lifetime achievement awards being handed to Cliff Richard, are there not.

So, thank god for the BBC, bravely plugging that gap with a new music awards show, celebrating music.

It's a totally new concept, pulling together Chris Evans from BBC One's teatime magazine show The One Show and presenters from BBC Radio to create a unique experience.

Here's some footage from the pilot:

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Robin Carmody said...

When you think of the number of Radio 1 & 1Xtra presenters being forced out, wasting money on this seems even more depressing. Clearly this isn't so much about savings as about not treading on Cameron's toes, observing the Hierarchy of Art Forms to the nth degree.

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