Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dana International incident

Dana International, who won Eurovision a while ago (don't look up when, you'll only feel old) has created something of a storm in Israel with her new video.

It's for her song in support of this year's Gay Pride, and judging by the summary, I suspect International was hoping to make some sort of stir with the work:

The video, which was produced by Tel Aviv Municipality, features real Hassidic kids in a bar mitzvah service of International’s supposed son, Raam International. The service goes bad as too many celebratory candies thrown at Raam wound him and draw blood.
However, it's not the content, but the participants, which has caused the kick-off:
According to Ynet, the parents of the kids who participated in the video were invited this week to their children’s religious school for a reprimand about having their kids participate in a Dana International video clip. The parents claimed that they were invited by Tel Aviv Municipality to participate in the video, and it was presented to them as a clip that represents Jewish values, and especially Bar Mitzvah. The parents claimed that they had no idea that it’s a clip for Gay Pride.
The International camp's response is to shrug and say 'well, yes, tolerance and respect is what the Torah's all about, surely?' which manages to be right without actually dirtying hands on the question of if everyone involved knew exactly what they'd signed up to. Because - even if the parents are homophobes, or transphobes, or hate Eurovision - respect also involves being upfront with people. Surely?

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