Sunday, June 08, 2014

Justin Bieber: Some free PR advice

Hi, Justin.

You're in it up to your neck, right? Turns out that you've done some pretty nasty, pretty racist things, and videos of them have got out into the wider world.

I'm sure you'll spot the irony - the ease of creating and sharing digital video made you into a massive celebrity; now, that same ease of creation and sharing shows that you're a massive asshat.

And I know that there's a scrum of people running around, trying to work out how you can make this 'Justin Bieber is a massive racist' stain go away.

Here's a hint. If your PR team cook up a stunt that results in a headline like this:

... you're probably screwed.

(Sidenote: You - or the growns up around you - do know that 'reading the Bible' isn't always the opposite of 'being a massive racist', right?)

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