Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Don't let them get me

Strange times in Suffolk County, New York, where drumming attorney Charles Bonfante III is suing Collette McLafferty for doing a Pink cover act that he wasn't drumming for:

McLafferty is named in the suit, filed in Suffolk County, N.Y., along with bandmates Rik Nevone and John Rodriguez, for performing with their band, Funhouse (named for Pink's fifth album). The suit was filed by drummer/attorney Charles Bonfante III. In the suit, Bonfante, who did not return a request for comment, goes after McLafferty's looks, saying in the suit, "She didn't look the part, or at least contribute to the overall aesthetics of the band," an angle played up by the New York Post in their coverage.

"The Post and everyone is playing the angle that she's too old and ugly to sing, but it's really about stealing [Bonfante's] idea. But he has no right to his idea. Only Pink does," said Martin Kera, McLafferty's attorney, calling Bonfante "insane." ("Who writes a 112-page complaint?")
You'd also suggest that "being in a lookalikey covers band" isn't an original idea; and that, given Faux Pink were going in 2009, even being a Pink tribute act isn't much of an original idea.

Oh, and the lawsuit?

He's looking for ten million dollars. There's barely that much cash in being actual Pink.

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ColletteMcLafferty said...

Hi, thanks for writing about this. I actually was a hired singer and not a member of the band in anyway. Rik was a pleasure to work for, but Funhouse was not my band.It was understood that future replacements/understudies would need to be auditioned. I was essentially sued by a complete stranger for showing up to do a job. No different then a bus driver, teacher, waiter, plumber etc doing their job correctly then getting sued by a stranger. And I didn't do the look alike thing at all. My only job was to provide vocals during the start up phase so the band could develop. The start up phase of any band can be long and frustrating, and P!NK's music is more challenging then meets the eye, so in this case, it made sense for them to hire me to help them get the ball rolling. I was the only paid employee of the band. Thanks!

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