Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Actually the most entertaining thing Puddle Of Mudd have done in years

Wes Scantlin, lead lets-say-singer of Puddle Of Mudd, has been arrested in Denver after riding a baggage carousel at the airport.

Actually, not quite for riding it. Like most forms of entertainment, Scantlin couldn't quite manage to ride the carousel and ended up going behind it. Into a secure area.

It meant the band were late - very late - for their show in Denver. They turned up just at that point where everyone was thinking 'well, at least we'll get a refund', which just makes their appearance all the more cruel.

Astonishingly, it took a fan to get Scantlin out of jail on bail. Which says something - not a band mate, or the promoter, or a manager, or a label person. It looks a lot like there were a lot of people kinda hoping he'd stay in chokey.

Of course, they don't like you going into the secure areas at DIA, because of the - ahem - massive secret underground city underneath. Scantlin's lucky he isn't being held by the lizard people three miles under the mountains.

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