Thursday, February 12, 2015

Romobit: Steve Strange

Steve Strange: Faded to grey.

His agent, Pete Bassett, said he would be remembered as "a hard-working, very amusing and lovable individual who always was at the forefront of fashion trends".

"Up until last year he was putting together a book of fashion styles based on the New Romantic movement and it comes as a great shock.

"We understood that he had certain health problems but nothing we knew was life threatening.
"His friends and family are totally shocked, we had no idea anything like this was likely to happen."
Fifty five years old; taken by a heart attack.

There will be a lot written about the New Romantic years; about Visage; about the demons and theft of teletubbies.

But lets not forget Steve's sweet re-emergence into public life when he appeared on BBC Three's Celebrity Scissorhands. It sounded like a terrible idea - a man who had clearly not long since left a bad place doing haircuts for charity - but he was the revelation of the show. Much of his work showed how creative he was, and how he could bring people together. But a silly little programme tucked away in the early evening on a digital channel showed what a lovely, lovely man he was.