Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Britney Spears wig-off wig-out

'Hair extension falls off; few injured'. It's not much of a story. Even when Pulse tries yelling it:

Britney Spears' hair extension dropped on stage as she performed her 'Piece of Me' show in Las Vegas on Friday, February 27.

As the pop princess sang her heart out to the song, 'Do Something', a huge clump of her blonde hair detached from her head and attached itself instead to the back of her sexy black catsuit.
This is not the sort of story which people clear front pages for. It's not even the sort of incident that they'd bother sending someone with a broom to sweep the stage after.

But, bless their little hearts, Pulse try to bark it up:
The pop star didn't stop her performance even though...
she had suffered little more than a bit of hair that wasn't attached to her had become a little more unattached?
...a fan had already filmed the entire embarrassing hairstyle malfunction.
What? What exactly does that sentence mean, Pulse? Are you saying 'it's a surprise she didn't stop the song and attempt to get the fan to delete the video'? Or that this was the sort of incident that normally grown people would flee the stage after?

Coming tomorrow: Pink plays on despite awkward hangnail moment.

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