Friday, March 13, 2015

Do you wonder what Conor McNicholas is up to these days?

What happens to former NME editors?

Conor McNicholas, he of the double Andrew WK cover era, is doing this sort of thing:

Businesses need to "get radical" and change the structure of their business if they are to succeed in the new networked world, according to Conor McNicholas, the chief executive at AllTogetherNow.
McNicholas used the example of Barclays setting up an editorial board to bring together the different communications departments. He worked with Barclays at his previous employer Redwood.

Barclays put a router at the centre of the business with a representative from each department that met weekly to sign off joint actions.
He said: "At the heart of the editorial board is the concept of a shared culture. It creates a neutral space that allows those involved to bring opportunities or projects to the group and work on them together, no more meeting on your turf or mine."

McNicholas encouraged delegates to embrace the new networked world and "start kicking the shins" of the way things have always been done.
One day you're telling people that Party Hard is the greatest thing ever; the next you're punting a minor change in the comms strategy at a big bank as the revolution of our lifetimes. That's life right there, isn't it?

CORRECTION: This post would have worked a lot better if Conor McNicholas had been editing the NME at the time of the Andrew WK cover; actually it was Ben Knowles. And to be totally fair, he did put Fucked Up on the cover.


Robin Carmody said...

Seems like the most natural succession in the world to me.

Unknown said...

Hi Simon. Your concern for my welfare is incredibly touching. LinkedIn pushed the mention at me, which was a surprise. Yes, I continue to try and make the world a better place in my own quiet way. Unfortunately, after the arse fell out of the magazine and music industries there hasn't been so much call for music magazine Editors. Regardless, it's a young person's game. I'd served my time.

Anyway, I reply simply with a pedantic correction. I would have thought it was essential to refer to me as the Editor who turned NME into 'an indie Smash Hits' (something I always took as a compliment) but regardless, it's important to note that the very fabulous double Andrew WK cover wasn't me. It was Ben Knowles. (He now runs comms for a charity for children in orphanages.) Very best.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

And, fair enough, we all have to make a living somehow.

Plus - credit where it's due - the Fucked Up cover was brilliant. (That was your era, right? Don't tell me that was in the Danny Kelly years...)

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