Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bookmarks: Empire Records

It's 20 years since Empire Records. Yes, 20 years. Yes, that does mean you're old.

Meanwhile, Rough Trade's New York outlet has been cosplaying as Empire Records to celebrate. Yes, that's a store cosplaying.

Brooklyn Vegan enjoyed the experience:

The Empire Records screening occurred inside the Rough Trade venue, which was also where the real treat for fans of the film happened. During an intermission, the metal band GWAR rushed out to recreate the dream-video scene where Mark is with them and eaten by a worm. This time though "Mark" was a raffle winner selected earlier in the evening. But moments after this Mark disappeared, actor Ethan Embry, Mark in the film, was pulled from the worm, and he, Johnny Whitworth, who played A.J., and GWAR selected the next two raffle winners, including a "Warren" shoplifting package. The proceeds were directed to Opening Act, a charity that supports arts education in NYC schools.

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