Sunday, April 12, 2015

DJobit: Jess Marquis

Jess Marquis, who as DJ Jess founded Trash and was resident DJ at New York's Webster Hall, has died.

Three times winner of New York's The L Magazine Best DJ, there's a celebration of his life at Driven By Boredom:

I always told Jess how corny I thought he was. He was this drama kid turned nightlife icon who was so over the top about everything. I am so apathetic and Jess was the exact opposite and his love for burlesque and Morrissey made me roll my eyes. I blame him for the fact that I know all the lyrics to a dozen fucking Smiths songs. He was just so fucking silly and would make me take photo after photo of him and wouldn’t tell anyone he was probably 5 years older than they all thought he was. I gave him shit for all of it, but I would kill to care about anything as much as he did all of this shit.