Sunday, May 24, 2015

Digital Spy surprised to discover how TV works

Digital Spy seem genuinely upset to discover that Nigella Lawson wasn't stood on the Southbank at Midnight:

While the UK's five points were nothing to behold, it's always a proud moment to see our capital in the background of the scores presenter during the Eurovision Song Contest.

This year we were treated to Nigella Lawson - who wowed us with her German, Italian and French skills - but unfortunately the London Eye you saw in the background wasn't quite what it seemed...

Yes, we're afraid to report it is indeed a green screen.

Of course, chroma key is common these days but we thought the beloved London skyline might at least be real - ol' Nigella could have been in her living room for all we know.
Actually, the London skyline is real, DigitalSpy; I've been to London at least twice and have seen it in place; it's not just painted on a backdrop by Joe from the Mayor's Office. It just wasn't in the same shot.

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