Monday, December 21, 2015

15 Step: February

Sam Smith might have won Grammys, but Shirley Manson and Taylor Swift won the Grammys. While Kasabian opened the BAFTAS like a broken sewer enhances a river.

Paloma Faith was prepared to beg to land the 007 soundtrack. She didn't beg enough.

If he didn't take medication, Noel Gallagher would drop dead. Really, or are you just trying to cheer us up, Noel? Or have you gone and spoiled it all by putting a price on an Oasis reunion?

Tyler The Creator launched a TV network which turned out to be a website.

Sly Stone was awarded five million in back royalties.

Yahoo adding a simple 'download audio' button to Tumblr caused nightmares for some users.

Zane Lowe heard Apple Music calling and quit Radio One. Fearne Cotton followed him out the door to spend more time making panel shows for ITV2, probably. More fundamentally, the shift of release days to Friday meant the end of the Sunday teatime chart show.

Jack White's rider included a recipe for guacamole. When people found out, they giggled a bit. Jack White doesn't like being laughed at.

The Tories had a silent auction for a photo of Suggs, which seems odd with him being very anti-Tory.

Streaming data was added to the album charts, which wasn't as unexpected as Australia being added to Eurovision 2015.

The Liverpool Lomax closed in a druggy haze.

It's okay; Azealia Banks can't possible be a homophobe as she has a vagina, and All That Remains don't understand why people are upset with the word "faggot", cause it's just a word, right?

Who could explain Parental Advisory stickers and the vinyl resurgence? Step forward, Gennaro Castaldo.

NME sales were now half what they were for the Melody Maker when it closed; they carried on doing their doings, though, giving Suede a godlike genius award and then undoing the goodwill by giving everything else to Kasabian. People started to suggest the NME was heading for freesheet status.

Madonna falling over at the Brits was the talking point of the evening. Unless you read The Times.

Slayer fans got so out of control, Tony Araya told them to back the fuck off.

Katy Perry shocked to discover the music industry isn't like she thought it would be when she was nine.

Splitting: Steve Forrest leaves Placebo

Reuniting: Blur

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