Tuesday, December 29, 2015

15 Step: October

Going to a gig? Don't shower Lauren Mayberry with unwanted proposals and don't be brutal to Bruce Dickinson.

Russia has decided it won't tolerate copyright violations any longer, which is a bit like Ceaser's Palace going cold on boxing.

Rob Halford likes squaddies, which is fine - although he tries to justify it in geopolitical terms.

The Vaccines can't begin to tell you how they don't care about not being on the Mercury Shortlist while Queensryche think the only thing wrong with their new album is the fans listening to it.

Lindsay Lohan is throwing her hat into the US presidential race but Demi Lovato is already turning up at the Senate; there's no evidence that Terence Trent D'Arby debated in the House of Lords.

Joe Elliott thinks streaming services pay too little, although Pandora have now started paying for pre-1972 recordings. These days, the money is in gig insurance.

St Vincent is trying waiting tables while the debit card business isn't working out for Russell Simmons.

It feels wrong going outside naked, realises Justin Bieber, who then got upset when people stopped him mopping water.

The rudderless NME gave Chris Moyles a cover.

Reviving: HMV

Returning: Ugly Kid Joe

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