Wednesday, December 30, 2015

15 Step: November

Nobody should die at a gig. And you wish Morrissey hadn't tried to make the story about him.

The Verve's Nick McCabe is enjoying a vibrant second career as a NIMBY but Martyn Ware is actually helping the National Trust.

Busta Rhymes fessed up to assault with a deadly milkshake and Ozzy Osbourne apologise for pissing on the Alamo.

To nobody's surprise, it was about Warren Beatty.

Benjamin Clementine won the Mercury.

Sandi Thom thinks its unfair she's not on Radio 2 and it's time to run 'reviving Top Of The Pops' up the flagpole.

Lil Boosie doesn't like all the gays on TV, but appears to watch constantly nevertheless.

Is there anything less exciting than a new Coldplay album? Actually, yes, a long-drawn out Stone Roses gig announcement.

The government is investigating secondary ticket sales again.

Reforming: Busted

Closing: FHM, Zoo, Details

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