Monday, December 28, 2015

Easyobit: Stevie Wright

Easybeats singer Stevie Wright has died.

Wright was one of the few stars who managed to shake off a diminutive nickname - he'd originally been dubbed Little Stevie. Born in Leeds, but growing up in Australia, he was perhaps the nation's first rock star. His time with The Easybeats created a strong catalogue of tunes - many of which he wrote lyrics for - and he even managed a solo career which only ran into the ground when he started to use too much heroin. The treatment for the addiction did as much damage as the drugs. Courses of ECT and drug-induced comas left Wright permanently mangled, although he was luckier than some treated at the same hospital. The Chelmsford Hospital ended up killing 24 of its patients; another 19 committed suicide shortly after being "cured".

He'd perform from time-to-time after his spell in hospital, but never fully returned to music.

Andrew Stafford has written an appreciation for The Guardian.

Stevie Wright died December 27th; he was 68.

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