Monday, December 28, 2015

Spotify hope you don't notice them quietly admitting their mistakes

Christmas Eve, when people are too busy arguing over whether eggnog is an emulsion or just tastes like paint to pay much attention to what's happening in the business world.

Christmas Eve, when Spotify admitted they might not actually be paying people the right amounts:

"One of the most difficult challenges is the lack of accurate data as to who owns the rights to a specific track, especially when it comes to songwriter and publisher rights," James Duffett-Smith, Spotify's Global As Head Of Publisher Relations wrote in a blog post. "In many cases, the ownership of the rights are not even finalized when a record is released; in many other cases, rights are held by multiple parties, rights change hands, and rightsholders remain entirely unclear."

"This is a global problem – outside the U.S., publishing rights organizations and collecting societies who receive royalties on behalf of songwriters and publishers face similar challenges," he continued. "And it is a complex problem – we are committed to solving it, but it is going to take significant time and effort."
You'll note they're not actually going to pay any more money, but they're pledging to try and make sure those portions of pennies go to the right people.

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