Saturday, March 25, 2017

Noel Gallagher is worse than his brother at fashion

To be honest, we'd assumed that Pretty Green set the bar so high for 'terrible Oasis related fashion activity' that it was a record which would never be beaten. Like Seb Coe's 800 metres in 1981, it looked like we'd found a marker in human endeavour that would endure.

But like Seb Coe's record, nothing lasts forever.

There's something worse just round the corner:

Noel Gallagher has partnered with Adidas for a new signature shoe.

The former Oasis guitarist has designed his version of the Garwen SPZL trainers as part of Adidas’ 2017 spring SPEZIAL range.
Hang on a moment, though. It's not just Noel Gallagher Has Designed A Plimsole. Because that would be worthy of being terrible in its own right. But it's the design he's come up with that really lifts this to 'world-beatingly godawful':
The shoe comes in indigo leather and is said to be 70s-inspired, featuring a picture of Noel on the shoe’s tongue and his date of birth inside.
Ninety Nine Pounds. For a shoe that only really functions as a way that Liam can remember when he's meant to send Noel a birthday card.

Some of the Adidas celeb tie-ups now are so bad, I suspect they're just an elaborate trolling activity on the part of a company which has frankly grown bored of fiddling with the sleeve length on football jerseys.


Markie said...

Oh, Simon, I am a very long-term admirer of your music related scribblings and I treasure them even more now that their value has been greatly increased by their scarcity. Thus it fills my Uncontrollable Inner Pedant with a great and terrible sadness to have to send you this single word in response to the otherwise excellent post above.


My Uncontrollable Inner Pedant apologises profusely for any undue heartache which may have been caused by this response.

We remain, Sir, your avid readers,

Markie and His Uncontrollable Inner Pedant

simon hayes budgen said...

It's a fair point. I should be beaten with a pump until I get it right.

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I was never a big Oasis fan, so I have only the passing knowledge of the feud, the stuff that gets told and re-told. For me, the good v evil sides were set with the famous MTV Unplugged, where Liam is king douche and Noel is just trying to fulfill the gig.

Suzan Baker said...

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