Wednesday, February 19, 2003

One true sale

I'm having to shout to make myself heard over the noise of the spontaneous street party that has broken out to celebrate the cancellation of the Girls Aloud/One True Voice tour - poor ticket sales, apparently.

What's funny is that Louis Walsh is blaming the crap take up of the opportunity to stare at the bands on the presence of One True Voice on the bill. "It was doing Girls Aloud no favours" he claims "they'll tour on their own later in the year." Right, because nothing harms ticket sales like having two top ten bands on one bill, does it? Or is he merely saying that Girls Aloud fans are so stupid they don't realise they could just turn up after 1TV had been on?

Girls Aloud - last month: bashing the shit out of toilet attendants. Next month: sluicing the shit off toilet walls.

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