Friday, February 07, 2003

Remember that time we thought you were pregnant?

Madonna has got into a right old "two and eight" as her duff-cockernee-wannabe-spouse would doubtless put it over Heat magazine's front-page claim that she's with child. We can't see why she's so pissed off at this one - phantom Maddy pregnancies date right back to IPC's short lived The Hit in the mid-80's, after all.

Unless she's not sleeping with Guy at the moment, of course. Anyway, Madonna has trumpeted off the to Press Complaints Commission to rage against this invasion of her privacy. But we wonder if the tarnished Queen of Pop has realised that she's got another useful area to attack the OK-its-for-some-reason-okay-to-like on?

Only the Tv adverts for Heat featured an explicit shot of the 'Madonna's Pregnant' front page. if it's really that bad, will she also be sending letters to the ITC and BSC?

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