Wednesday, March 30, 2005


The fall from grace of two 80s icons (and Guy Ritchie, although he never really achieved grace, to be honest) is documented in the New York Post, who reach for the 'It's Bad' headline to cover the Jacko judgement, and run with Madonna and Guy's dressing up as the Pope hijinks as their main story:

Bet Guy's really pleased he didn't go with the comedy breathing tube now, though. The New York Daily News, meanwhile, runs with Macauly Culkin:

Funny how the papers alwasy run a picture of Culkin from Home Alone and not the current sleeping-under-bridges/fourth member of Hanson look Culkin has, isn't it? The News also frets over iPod thefts "soaring" on the subway - which, of course, they are; but so is iPod use on the subway. It's unclear that this is "new" crime; just criminals adapting to something new to pinch, in the same way that mobile phone theft is squillions of times more common now than it was in 1975.

USA Today belatedly realises that, hey, American Idol is about making the makers of the programme rich:

Back in Britain, and Jonathan King is the main focus of our tabloids:

"King boasts that his victims got what they wanted" - presumably a reference to cash brokered by Max Clifford rather than sex with him: surely nobody could want that, could they?

The Daily Mirror demands its readers call the police if they see King with "anyone under the age of 18"; the Sun, meanwhile, merely requests that people don't put any cash into King's pockets - we always knew Rebekah Wade was soft on celebmolesters.

From the Star, though, it's just a spot of name-calling:

Sick indeed. Of course, there's no double-standards at the Star, with its "Charlotte Church topless pic hell" (apparently her tits are zooming from mobile phone to mobile in the valleys thanks to the power of picture messaging) and Nikki Sanderson Candice from Corrie - apparently now launched in orange flavour; after all, they're both grown ups now, aren't they? It's not, like Macauly, they're always lodged as schoolgirls in the public mind, is it?

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M.C. Glammer said...

It's odd that iPod theft is up while sympathy for the victims remains at an all-time low. Are there any corresponding black headphoned mp3 player figures available?

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