Monday, April 17, 2006


Bappi LahiriYou might have thought all the press coverage of Whitney Houston (boiled down, the image is of her sitting pleasuring herself with a rampant rabbit, wearing a giant diaper and watching people from a panoptican in her bathroom while off her gums on crack) would have put a bit of a wrinkle in her recording career.

Not a bit of it - this is Bappi Lahiri, and (perhaps sensing that she's in no position to knock back a decent offer) he wants to work with her. Negotiations for him to bring his film music skills to her, um, whatever's left are said to be at an early stage. (We picture this as being Whitney screeching through a hole in the front door while he shoves Taco bell takeaway bags underneath, but we could be wrong on that.)

Lahiri holds the record for most compostions of film music in a year, scoring 37 movies. If the rumours are true, Whitney has scored that many times in a month.