Sunday, May 28, 2006


The ten most-viewed individual stories on No Rock this week have been:

1. Britney offers to go nude to Hollywood
2. Eurovision - live commentary
3. Is KT Tunstall, you know, one of them?
4. Sell off Radio 1 & 2, say people who want to buy Radio 1 & 2
5. Imagine having sex with James Blunt
6. Babyshambles dropped
7. Bono justifies turning compassion into profits
8. Arctic Monkeys never used MySpace
9. Enoch-loving hunt-supporting Clapton attacks artists who take up causes
10. Mariah Carey's legs have a mind of their own

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Convicted fraudster Ken Lay says "if you're about to enjoy a period of lengthy incarceration, why not try some of these great new releases":

Canadian all-she indie-pop thrills

Once I Had A Secret Love, and it was Doris Day's film music

Collecting some of the The Pig's Big 78s from the Peel show

It's not drinking, not to say drinking... - Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads on DVD

We hope Shonen Knife start to surround themselves with girls dressed up like Gwen Stefani

Punky-noise clash from Digital Leather

Chikinki's second collection of rock-with-dancey bits

We hope Boy Kill Boy haven't missed their moment

Look, who cares about the plot? Aeon Flux is for looking at, not analysing

The Spits: not the Slits, but will do for now

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