Friday, August 25, 2006


It's the Bank Holiday weekend, which can mean only one thing - The Reading Festival. And its evil, Venus-like twin, Leeds. Oh, and Creamfields. Which is more than only one thing, we suppose.

Reading has kicked off with Towers of London setting pigeons free - which is about as ropey a start as you could imagine - and The Long Blondes on the slightly cooler stage having trouble with their high heels.

We'll be tracking the coverage of the festivals over the weekend, building this into an index of some sort.

Reading-Leeds line-up
Reading-Leeds Festival 2005
Reading-Leeds Festival 2004
Reading-Leeds Festival 2003

Audio stuff: Something to listen to Reading-Leeds (BBC links, decaying already)
Video stuff: YouTube captures P!ATD injury

Friday 25th
Panic at the Disco hit during first song
Police scoop up drug heads
The view from BBC Three: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Subways
Media round-up: Ice T, Asbo threats, Kaiser Chiefs
The view from BBC Three: Franz Ferdinand

Saturday 26th
Hope of the States-ment
Blog and media round-up: Franz, Jarvis, shoes, cops, copping off with Jack White and injuries
The View from BBC Three: Arctic Monkeys, Colin & Edith, Muse, Dirty Pretty Things, The Streets

Sunday 27th
Media round-up: Arctic Monkeys, Jack White, Conor McNicholas
Media round-up: My Chemical Romance, slashfiction, Arctic Monkeys, Jack White, mopping, text messages from distance fields

Monday 28th
The view from BBC Three: Placebo, Pearl Jam, The Fall
Media round-up: Sponsorship, Pearl Jam, Pete Doherty, beer, Peaches Geldof, naked breasts
Drowned In Sound were robbed

Friday 25th
The view from BBC Three: Dresden Dolls
Media round-up: Love not riots, santa, the mystery of the missing blog, next year's tickets
The view from BBC Three: The Rakes, Dizee Rascal

Saturday 26th
Hope of the States-ment
Media round-up: Footwear, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Primals, zombies
The View from BBC Three: Primal Scream, Kaiser Chiefs, Peter Kay

Sunday 27th
Media round-up: Peter Kay, Kaiser Chiefs, rain, Subways, family outing

Monday 28th
The view from BBC Three: Placebo, Pearl Jam, The Fall

Wednesday 30th:
Police seek Sunday night rapist

Cee-Lo throat means no Gnarls
Media and blog round-up

Elsewhere on the web:
NME Reading blog
NME Leeds coverage
Reading and Leeds on


TOR Hershman said...

Sounds like a swingin' groove.

I'll keep an eye out, sayith the patched pirate, for updates.

Stay on Groovin' Safari,

andrew said...

Reading was awesome and I can't wait till 2007

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