Saturday, August 26, 2006


We see in Friday's Guardian that Alex Kapranos has elected to stand down from his role as food-critic-at-large. Perhaps the demands on his time were too much of a strain; it was interesting that for a band who were up at Edinburgh this week sharing the secrets of songwriting they weren't showing much evidence of time spent constructing new material. We know that the tendency at these affairs is to fall back on greatest hits packages, but you'd have hoped for more from Franz Ferdinand. Instead, it was left to some (admittedly nifty) back projections to give the sense of novelty.

Last festival season, one of the most memorable songs was the Rakes' 22 Grand Job, a tune which provided the focus for guest appearances galore. This year, the Rakes turned up again, and the highlight of their set was, yes, 22 Grand Job, with Dizee Rascal joining them in the Leeds tent. Doesn't exactly suggest they're much more than a one-song band, does it?

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