Saturday, August 26, 2006


Congratulations to Shiver, who won the E4 competition to have a professional pop video made and shown on their returning E4Music programming, back after making space for non-stop Big Brother.

Possibly congratulations. But did the "top director" who made the video actually like the band? Because not only is his or her name absent from the E4 website story, but the video they've made isn't exactly flattering.

It's not just that the only attractive young person who gets into the lift in which the clip is set clamps her hands over her ears; the lift is also shared with a monkey on its way to join friends randomly hitting typewriters and producing a complete works of Shakespeare - a metaphor for a successful act of creation without any understanding or empathy involved - and then, a giant turkey joins the band which sends them, their song, and the lift plummeting down into the basement.

A slightly less subtle metaphor than even the monkeys.

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