Friday, August 25, 2006


What's that sound? Someone gulping down oxygen? Is this another shock-scare advert warning of the dangers of smoking?

Nope, it's Mick Jagger, fresh off stage. While Ron Wood heads off to breathe in some helium for a laugh, Mick is having to slurp down oxygen just to be able to make it through - heh - the night:

A spokesman for the Stones confirmed that Jagger has been using an oxygen tank on the band's A Bigger Bang world tour.

He told the Daily Star: "Lots of singers have an oxygen tank by the stage. It's fairly common."

Really? Oddly, the spokesman didn't wait to offer names of these stars who have to stumble from footlights to iron lung.

So, Ronnie's got helium, Jagger's taking the oxygen... we shudder to think what Keith's on. "Maaan, I tried some of this Xenon, then I tried some Neon... I just couldn't get any reaction whatsoever..."

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