Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Last week, Bob Dylan was saying you might as well pinch music as it's all rubbish anyway nowadays.

Karl T gets in touch with us to point out that, oddly, Dylan has just popped up on iTunes:

Strange then, that he should now have his very own nice shiny iTunes page, although he has stuck to his guns and isn't chargi... oh.

For added irony, he really should have made the announcement at Manchester's Free Trade Hall. But he didn't.

However, we're sure he won't mind if someone strips out the DRM from his music, will he?

We're picturing Dylan going home from his "modern music stinks" interview, angrily hacking pieces off a corned beef sandwich muttering "people will pay for any old shit online, it seems" to himself, before glancing at a copy of his new album, and a little lightbulb popping on over his head.

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