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As people start to return home and fire up their computers, it seems not everyone had a good time at V, with grumbles about queues, safety and prices.

One festival-goer, Chris Ralph, from Exeter, told the BBC News website that buying a £10 programme was the only way to find out which bands were playing where and when.

"How do they get away with treating people like this?" he said.

V's response?

The V spokesperson said the charge was for a programme, laminate, and plastic rucksack.

"Previously, programmes and laminates were sold separately, at a greater price," she added.

That's slightly missing the point, isn't it? Apart from suggesting that getting a plastic bag sweetens the deal, making people fork out another tenner on the top of the ticket price does look awfully like the sort of profiteering that people would have been shot for during the war.

Other people complained about having their drinks taken off them:

Fans also reported having their own supplies of water being confiscated at the festival. They say they were charged £2 for bottles inside the site.

"The organisers should be a little less greedy," he said.

However, the V festival spokesperson said: "The only drinks security confiscate at the entrance to the arena is alcohol and tampered plastic bottles."

She added that water was available free of charge from standpipes and that people were encouraged to bring plastic bottles with them to refill.

But if alcohol is being sold freely inside, why should people not be allowed to take their own alcohol in to the site? There's absolutely no logic to that, other than that of the profiteer.

Burgers, by all accounts, cost seven quid. And we're guessing they weren't the sort Tom Archer sells from his quality van.

So, are V abashed?

A spokesperson added: " We will of course bear in mind [these] comments as we continue our planning for next year's festival.

"However, judging by the fact that phone lines have been inundated since tickets for V Festival 2007 went on sale this morning, it seems that the vast majority of the 150,000 attendees had a thoroughly good time."

But people buying tickets doesn't mean they're the people who went this year and had a brilliant time; indeed, you might wonder if V wasn't so keen to get the tickets for next year on sale before people had a chance to find out about the four-hour queues for cashpoints from the customers who went this year.

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ian said...

I'm not defending V, but isn't there some rule about taking your own booze onto licensed premises. It's not as if V is the only festival that do this.

What is this anyway? Fans complaining V is too commercial? Well, duh!

Mike G said...

I camped at the Weston Park site this year. Laughably poor security, toilets that weren't cleaned all weekend (unusable by Saturday morning!) due to 'weather issues'.

The demand to pay £10 just to find out when bands were playing was the final straw.

Infidel said...

I'm surprised that it's only now that V festival-goers have started to complain - the V festival has been set up like this for as long as I can remember.
When I lived in Essex, I was mates with the festival chaplain. We used to set up a caravan by the "dance" tent (the JJB tent) and annoy the festival organisers in two ways:
1) Our site passes were laminates with the running orders of the bands printed on it, and we used to give out this info for free; and
2) We would give free drinks to anyone, but especially people coming out of the dance tent. To not give people access to drinking water after they've been dancing in a cramped hot environment is simply negligent.

Aaron said...

sorry, this sounds like every festival i've ever been to (except glastonbury, and it has different problems). and i've been to quite a few.

not saying it's good.. just that nothing is new.

marie c said...

Every festival is like V you say?... I've been to Reading festival every year, and went to it the weekend after V. I printed out the line-up on their site beforehand (V did not offer this facility), and it took me 2 minutes to get a drink, this is the same every year.. why are there queues at V and not at Reading? The toilet queue at V was actually quite scary at one point as people started to get angry. There's simply too many people there. Me and my friends said under no circumstances would we go back to V again.

katie b said...

My verdict on V this year? An oversized venue, cramming as many teeny bopping indie kids and commercial cecils into one hell hole which is Hylands Park, Chelmsford.

I am not 100% sure if everyone there was actually there for the music because I would say at least a third that attended were corporate monkeys, flashing their VIP badges at every opportunity; big brother contestants lapping up the Carling while the real fans queued for almost an hour just to buy a voucher to purchase a drink! Then you have to queue to get the drink!

For some other reason this year their seemed to be less toilets. In previous years it has been so much quicker. That is all I have to say on the matter because once inside although not a pleasant experience there was toilet roll.

Once the Festival had finished my friend and I attempted to walk to the shuttle buses to get back to the railway station. We must have asked at least 6 different people donning their Fluorescent vests - who all had no idea what we were talking about and pointed at a rain invested map because their grasp of the English language was inept. The rest of the evening was a total nightmare, especially when it started to pound down with rain.

It put a damper on the whole day and as a regular festival goer I must say how disappointed I would have been had I not attended the crescendo that was Fat Boy Slim!!

Arghhhhh – please please please sort it out! Why would anyone in their right mind want to attend again?????

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