Saturday, September 23, 2006

Embrace tightens

After telling 6Music that Embrace would do one more album and leave us be, Dannny McNamara's sudden change of heart and "clarification" to Chris Moyles might rank as one of the most inept attempts to dig oneself out a hole in recorded history. It turns out when he said "that's all folks", he forget to add "for now, anyway":

"We're going to make the next album as if it's our last but we always do that anyway."

He added: "That's kind of how we go into it because you've got to be wholehearted about these things you know?"

Ah... so it's like a little inspirational poster, is it? Perhaps a photo of a bird soaring into the sunset, the words "treat each album as if it's your last" written in a flowing font across the top. It's a shame McNamara isn't canning Embrace; what a loss he is to the motivational speaking industry.

Funnily enough, I once worked for a bloke who thought the best way to inspire us was to tell us each month might be our last, funding could be pulled, we could end up out of work soon, unless our standards were the highest we could hope to attain. Naturally, the general result was morale depressed to an almost flatline, and some of the shabbiest work ever seen outside of a knicker factory after payday. So it is possible that McNamara really does tell the band "this could be the last Embrace record ever" each time, judging by what they're flinging out.

Perhaps aware that his downgrading of "last album" to "...for a bit" seems a little at odds with what he'd said the day before, Danny continued to flip in the wind for a bit:

"The tour that we're on at the moment might be the last we do for a while because there's some other stuff that I want to do, but you know our next album's got to be amazing and it needs a lot from me to do that."

McNamara claims that he'd gone to sleep after talking to 6Music, and had switched off his mobile while 20 missed calls tried to find out what he was talking about. Since there's not 20 people in Embrace, we wonder who the hell all these people that bothered about the future of the band are?

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Anonymous said...

listening to your music gives me reason to get up and go every day.
Don't ever quit.I have to confess I only recently heard of embrace through Nature's Law and have got all your album collections and just think ye are the best.I missed ye in Dublin last Dec but hope you return soon.Cheers

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