Saturday, December 09, 2006

Heather Mills: naked and dumped

The Sun's excitement at the large haul of photos of Paul McCartney and the two Mrs McCartneys found dumped on wasteground is the opportunity to describe more naked shots of Heather Mills:

One shows Heather, 38, in bed barely covered by a white sheet — with her artificial leg standing on a black stiletto shoe beside the divan. Others show her posing nude and showing off her bump while heavily pregnant.

She is also seen wearing diamond earrings in a bath — and in a pink swimsuit while playing in a whirlpool bath with their three-year-old daughter Beatrice.


We immediately alerted Sir Paul and arranged to hand the colour prints to him. The private shots show naked Heather leaning out of a Victorian-style bath wearing only diamond stud-earrings.

She gazes over her shoulder while around seven months’ pregnant in a series of snaps.

More than 30 other private pictures show pouting Heather poolside in swimsuit. Four of the dumped pictures are cheeky close-ups of her bum as she sports a skimpy striped thong-style swimsuit.

The real story, of course, is less telling us they've seen another picture of Heather Mills full-frontal, or waggling her arse, and more the question of how the pictures came to dumped in the first place - something which doesn't seem to occur to the paper. Curiously, there are also photos of Paul with Linda in there.

If there are pictures of the Beatle naked, either the Sun couldn't stomach the thought of them, or thought its readers wouldn't be able to.

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