Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jamelia: ...or maybe an astronaut or an engine driver

Fancy that - having failed to sell many records, Jamelia has decided it's time for a career change:

“I’d love to do acting but I’m not sure if I’d like to play the part of a singer."

Probably wise - don't want to stretch yourself too far on your first outing, eh?


Franco said...

To be fair, no matter how big the role or the budget is, the singer-as-a-singer never makes the film a winner: e.g. The Bodyguard, Glitter, Mona Lisa Smile.

On the other hand, singers-as-leading-characters have appeared in lots of good films: Labyrinth, Manchurian Candidate, 9-to-5, Dogma as well as that film with Clooney (George not Rosemary) and J-Lo.

Let's just not mention The Time Machine.

simon h b said...

Singers-as-leading characters, eh?


Franco said...

Better not mention Agent Cody Banks 2 or Spiceworld but let's do mention Rocky Horror Picture Show and Fight Club.

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