Friday, February 09, 2007

The national Breed

More years ago than I suspect either of us would care to remember, Simon Breed came into the Trading Places cafe in Liverpool to announce he was heading off to London to seek his fortune. Trading Places isn't there any more, swept away as an early casualty of the city council's policy of encouraging the cultural life of the city by making it unsustainable to run a small arts-centred business anywhere near the heart of the place.

Simon Breed is, however, still going (although we have heard speculation that property developers are interested in hollowing out the back of his head to put in an All Bar One) and just about to head off out on tour:

10 February The Stage Door, Waterloo, London
16 The Spitz, London
1 March The Enterprise, London
5 The Bleeding Hearts Club, Prince Albert, Brighton
12 The Social, London
24 The Windmill, London

You might notice a rather Londonesque bias in that tour, but there's a limit to what you can do with an Oyster card. (We're guessing the Brighton date is going to use the old Preston Park dodge.)


CarsmileSteve said...

Simon Breed is the tallest man i've ever met...

i'm not his old drummer though...

Anonymous said...

Good lawd, Trading Places! I'm taking out a loan using my Oyster card as collateral to buy a train ticket to the 'pool to play on April 19th – View Two Gallery on Mathew Street. (Assuming it doesnt get priced out and shut down by culture capital rents before then…)

Download single Devastating Sky out on March 12th. Go on, be like David Essex - make me a star.

Anonymous said...

That's me. mr Breed himself, btw.

Unknown said...

Simon Breed is blooming quality!

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