Friday, March 23, 2007


The Mirror's gossip-hole continues its bemusing habit of reporting everything Jamelia does or says as if she was famous. Today, she's decided she's an actor:

"I would love to be the next Bond girl. I've looked at three scripts and I really liked one. I'm going to Hollywood in May."

By running those three sentences together, you could almost get the impression that Jamelia is off to Hollywood to pick a role in a Bond movie. But since they're shot in England, and there's no script for the next movie yet, it's clear she's trying to combine a desire for a decent role with looking parts in more lowly productions. Which may or may not be American.

We suspect the roles she's considering are more "Churchill, could you save me money on my home insurance" than "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die."


Anonymous said...

Don't write her off completely. She's had some of the best remixes lately (Mr Oizo and Alavi Rerox).

Anonymous said...

As have all the great actors. I remember when Lawrence Olivier was remixed by Basement Jaxx and Greta Garbo did that track with Stuart Price.

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