Sunday, March 04, 2007

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Stylus give you the basics to get by in sophsti-pop:

The Style Council – “My Ever Changing Moods” (1984) An inexplicable #29 hit in the US (Paul Weller’s first-ever taste of American chart glory—and his last), the Style Council’s definitive moment may be sophisti-pop’s, as well.

Seattle Trademark Lawyer breaksdown what happened when The Brokedown got a cease and desist from the The Brokedowns:
With 1,000 copies of their debut album already pressed, they went into “panic mode” and changed their name to The Broken West.

Village Voice meet up with Dean and Britta: once from Luna, now from, erm, Dean and Britta:
Another major change: Midway through the recording process, the longtime couple finally got hitched. I tell them that most couples like having that separation of work and home life; they reassure me that creatively, there's never any static. "I like that feedback," Britta says, looking at Dean. "There aren't that many people that if they said, 'I like it' or 'I don't like it', I would trust that."

Hour talks racism, music industry and intelligence with TV On The Radio's Kyp Malone:
"And I don't feel like being signed to a major is a prize," he continues. "The business end of music, it's ugly no matter what. Music and art is a social space that exists, and has existed, where black people helped create it - did most of the heavy lifting as far as rock'n'roll [is concerned]."

MP3Hugger provides a musically-illustrated guide to what happened to Slowdive after Slowdive:
Simon Scott played drums on most of Slowdive’s recordings from 1990 to 1994. On leaving the band he became a session drummer working with the likes of Chapterhouse and St. Etienne. His own band Inner Sleeve enjoyed a short existence on the Fierce Panda label after which Scott played drums with the much undervalued Lowgold. He currently heads up a shoegaze band named Televise who were formed in 2003 on foot of a brief sighting of Syd Barrett.

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