Friday, March 23, 2007

McCartney follows in Charles' footsteps

Paul McCartney's transition from rock and roll outsider to establishment full-timer is now nearly complete: He's dating Sabrina Guinness, who used to go out with Charles Windsor. (Years and years ago - it's not like the man who would be King was seeing loads of women behind Diana's back. He's not an ogre.)

As Guinness' name implies, she's from the family that made a fortune selling beer - oh, how the Queen Mum must have been crushed when Charles stopped dating her. The official line from McCartney is that everyone is just good friends, apparently.


Robin Carmody said...

The biggest "establishment full-timers" today are actually, almost without fail, people who still like to think of themselves as "rock and roll outsiders" (there is no longer such a thing in Britain: there *is* such a thing as a Eurodance outsider).

Robin Carmody said...

I mean, these days she's the one getting some new-elite kudos by association (the new elite despise socialism, but they despise aristocracy equally).

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