Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More little Gallaghers

Happy news - if can pull your thoughts away from the moment of conception - from Noel Gallagher: He's about to become a father again with the news that Sara MacDonald is three months pregnant. Cue Victoria McDonald shoehorning in an Oasis pun so lame and pointless, we wonder if she was doing it for a joke:

[I]t was the lack of champagne or vodka in her glass which gave the game away. The pair have been dating for seven years. Most of that time they have been living the life of Riley, partying hard and travelling All Around The World.

She might have just got away with it if she'd not put it at the end of an equally meaningless sentence. (Is it even true? Doesn't Noel's ambit consist mainly of the posher parts of London?)

Meanwhile, Noel - presumably mellowed by fatherhood - has withdrawn his criticism of the Klaxons. It turns out he quite likes them:
"They think I hate them, so you can right this wrong for me. I like Golden Skans. "I don't know much about them, except I was with KASABIAN at Ibiza Rocks last summer, fucking it off, and got dragged in to see them and I was like 'What the fuck was all that about?' "We were happily breezing away on the dancefloor and the next thing they were on, so I wasn't ready for it. But I do like that tune."

Poor Noel, his head turned by Kasabian - who knows what they were busily talking about? Politics? The... then on came... Klaxon... Ibiza... zeeba... zebras first, I think...