Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Jamelia the honest broker

Why do the 3AM Girls report every doing of Jamelia as if there was a public yearning to know what she's up to? Does she have shares in Trinity Mirror or something?

This morning, it's a lame story with little more to it than to try and remind people that a "mysterious Russian billionaire" wants her to do a gig:

JAMELIA is trying to get a Russian billionaire to invest in footballer boy friend Darren By field's club. The singer - who is set to per form for the dairy tycoon's daughter in Moscow - tells us: "He could even rename it Milkwall, so it would work all round." Looks like she's got all the angles covered!

Milkwall? What?

Of course, since John G Berylson has only just invested millions in the club and taken on the non-executive chairman role, it's a little unlikely. Maybe Jamelia didn't notice that happening, though - or maybe she won't believe it until Berylson renames the club Millfrisco or something.

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