Friday, March 02, 2007

The quick fix

Happily for the tabloids - who, after all, would find the real journey back from mental illness to be frustratingly slow - Britney Spears has gone outside and not attacked anyone with a brolly:

BRITNEY SPEARS looks smiles better on a supervised trip out of rehab – grinning from ear to ear and with daft doodles on her hand.

The baldy wore a brown wig and jaunty cap as she left the Promises clinic in Malibu – and looked far happier than the raging madwoman we saw attack a car with an umbrella last week.

The fact that Britney actually looks like she's prescribed out of her mind and has doodles all over her hand isn't allowed to spoil the happy ending:
Brit's doodling all right again

Hmmm. Let's hope.