Friday, April 27, 2007

Andre: Still ill

I suppose if he is really sick - and he's been taking up a hospital bed for five days while doctors try and work out what's wrong with him - we shouldn't respond with the obvious response to the news that Peter Andre has been given a brain scan. It writes itself, doesn't it?

Seriously, though the man and his wife may be a blight on the British media, nobody should wish them this sort of ill. Get well soon, Peter, and then think about stepping out of the spotlight.


James said...

It's very sad news and I'm sure that everyone, myself included, hopes he makes a full, speedy recovery. It's also sad, though, that when I first saw this story, my initial reaction was of scepticism. Maybe I've seen the words 'Jordan' and 'Bedside vigil' together in too many headlines (and accompanying centre-spread interviews), or become almost immune to the front page of OK magazine showing her leaving A&E after the latest family health-scare.

Peter seems like a nice chap, I hope he gets well soon. And as you say, gives himself a bit of a rest from the media circus.

Anonymous said...

Poor old Pete. I was, erm, watching that Jordan and Peter thing the other night (*cough*), and the sad bastard was looking up 10-year-old clips of himself on YouTube.'look, here's me when I had a career!'.

Kayteeeee Proice threw a fit and made him turn it off because she 'can't cope with his past'.

Oh yes, old squeaky clean Norks-Out McHelpMeRaiseThisFootballersMongChild herself.

He's probably collapsed under the weight of the injustice.

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