Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Britney Spears invites you to stalk your friends

It's not so long ago that Britney Spears was so annoyed with people taking sneak photos of her, she attacked the paparazzi with an umbrella.

Now, though, she's trying to push her new fragrance, Faded Glory ("Midnight Fantasy") by encouraging people to, erm, sneak up on friends and take photos:

[Britney] is sending emails to fans asking them "to sneak up on their friends and photograph them." She writes: "Share what happens to you when the clock strikes 12... Where are you? Who is with you?

"Savour every last detail and when you think you have it down, recreate that perfect moment and capture it as best you can in a digital photograph."

No, we're not quite sure we've understood that brief. Sneak up on people, take a photo, then imagine what you might be doing at 12 and recreate that?

Apparently you win a signed iPod if you somehow unpick the terms enough to send in the winning photo.

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