Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Daily Mail gets to grips with youth culture

As he's currently number one - there's nothing we can do about that - it does bring Matt Lucas comfortably into our remit and allows us to applaud the Mail's sure grip on modern entertainment, as it tops off a not-at-all unnewsworthy photos of Lucas waiting for a taxi with a headline based on a popular TV comedy show catchphrase.

Unfortunately, 'am I bovvered' is Catherine Tate, not Little Britain.


Chris Brown said...

Actually he's not Number One anymore, but he was. And he was in a Bluetones video once.

To be honest I'm only posting this because Google's forced me onto its new set-up and I want to make sure it works.

simon h b said...

He also turns up in the Country House video, of course.

And number one best selling single of 2007, isn't it?

simon h b said...

Although, admittedly, that wasn't what I was thinking of...

Anonymous said...

It's second at the minute, Mika is still 100k ahead (nearly 400k compared to 500 Miles' 270k)

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