Thursday, April 26, 2007

The sound you can hear is the ghost of Diana throwing herself down stairs again

It's coming from Victoria Newton, so it may well be wrong, but she's suggesting the line-up for the Diana concert is going to be officially swollen today with Keith Allen's daughter, Rod Stewart and Natasha Bedingfield.

Rod we're not surprised by, but Lily Allen? A kissin' the hand of the delightful piano-playing Princes? We'd never have had her down as a forelock tugger. And, to be honest, we can't really picture her fitting in the "sort of bands that Diana would be listening to now, had she been wearing a seatbelt" basis of the booking policy.

Are we the only people who think of Natasha Bedingfield as being like Melchester Rovers? You read about her being really successful and popular, but you know that's only in some world made-up, not in the real world that we actually live in.

It looks like it's almost as hard to find attractions for the Diana gig as it is to find a coroner for the Diana inquest.

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