Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Take That in cash for honours scandal

Take That have admitted they're buying their Brit awards from the music prize organisers.

Well, replacement statues, anyway; the band are having to pay to get new ones made after they lost the original ones. Mark Owen explains:

"What we have had to do for all of us to have one is to get one each made which we've ordered from The Brits.

"We'll have to pay for it. We've won four in the past and I don't know where they went. The lads say they haven't got one so perhaps Robbie has four of ours sat in his house."

This award means a lot, says Mark, as he won it with dignity:
"Patience winning a Brit was fantastic and a proudmoment. People seem to like the songs this time around. I'm not sure in the old days if it was just about five guys with their clothes off in a magazine.

"The response to the songs has been really positive. I'm proud of that. We haven't had to get our bums out yet but there's always that old chestnut if we need it."

Actually, Mark, you know, if you wanted to, for old time's sake, I'm sur enobody would mind. (You keep your pants on, though, Barlow. There's a line, for god's sake.)

Owen then explains how they agonised over if they should have performed at the Brits or not - contradicting Gary Barlow's more eye-rolling dismissal of Williams' rehab as a publicity stunt:
"It was a hard one because when I first heard he'd gone into rehab I thought we maybe shouldn't go to the Brits.

"But then I felt that Robbie would have been more upset if we didn't go. He's pleased for us. He has said 'well done' on numerous occasions. Cancelling wouldn't have been the right thing because it feels like Rob's involved in the band. It's just a shame he couldn't be there with us.

"Before the last tour we talked to Robbie about whether we should do it and he told us to go for it.

"He has been kept informed of everything we've done along the way so it feels like he is here with us really."

"It's far more serious what Rob is going through," Mark said. "Emotions and feelings aren't something you can play around with. You can't say it's my birthday and they are going to win a Brit so I'll go into rehab.

"I don't think he'd do that. Robbie felt it was something he needed to do. We wish him the best. I haven't spoken to him since he went in but we are there for him."

It's true that you can't time a breakdown to fit in with the awards. But you can plan a holiday.

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