Friday, April 06, 2007

Tony Snow prepares a "takes one to know one" response

Only a sister paper of Fox News like The Sun could think that calling George Bush an "arsehole and a cunt" could harm Lily Allen's chances of selling records in the US. Her target market, surely, is vaguely young, not-quite-sure-why-they're-disaffected young folk who will lap this sort of thing up mistaking it's political satire of some sort. It's not like she's going to be selling to the Texan country market anyway.

An eyewitness did see this assault on Bush:

“George Bush is an arsehole and a cunt.” She also called Tony Blair a “cunt’s bitch”.

Londoner Lily — who is dating DJ Seb Chew — went on to announce she was “probably bisexual” because she was tired of men with “little dicks”. One fan at the concert in San Diego, California, said: “Lily got really drunk on stage.

“She then started calling Bush names and the audience went a bit quiet.

“She also said that San Diego has the best crack whores she’d ever seen, and that she was thinking of becoming a lesbian.

“And she moaned she was tired of her own songs so did covers of Keane, Kaiser Chiefs and Blondie.”

We're a little lost as to what "probably bisexual" is - you dont know what you find sexually attractive by your age, Lily? Still, we're glad you're as bored of your songs as the rest of us.

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Anonymous said...

I went to a lallen show (in the US), and when she started slagging off Bush and co. the crowd went nuts. San Diego isn't exactly conservative, and the people who go to her concerts aren't exactly old money conservatives, so I doubt it went down as badly as Newt is claiming.

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