Monday, May 21, 2007

Paul's daughter

Those of you old enough to remember when music came on vinyl played by DLT will remember Bettina Hubers. Hubers was the daughter of a German waitress who claimed Paul McCartney was her dad.

We went through this in 1983, when paternity tests proved it wasn't true. But now Hubers is back, having decided the only way the tests could have been negative, and her belief that Macca's her dad could be right was if Paul faked his test.

So she's starting the process all over again:

"The signature on the documents he signed at the time were false. The signature is from a right-handed person and he is not. I want a new paternity test. It's my right. It's taken so long because we have been fighting to find out the truth."

She's presumably also going to rely on how Paul faked his own death by crossing the road without shoes on to prove he's got form at this sort of thing. We're a little lost as to why, if you got someone to take the test for you, you wouldn't bother to even sign the form, but we're sure there's an explanation for that, too.

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