Friday, June 15, 2007

David Sneddon's new world

Remember David Sneddon? We'll save you the Google-time; he was the winner of the first season of Fame Academy. Apparently, he's happy having "turned his back on fame", on the advice of Nik Kershaw, oddly enough:

"I'd been writing songs for my second album with established writers like Ricky Ross and Nik Kershaw," he said.

"But I'd already made the switch in my mind where I decided I didn't want to do it anymore. Nik had done the same thing. He's a shy man.

"When I told him I just wanted to be a writer, he told me to just do it if being a pop star wasn't making me happy.

"He told me he'd made the same decision and never regretted it."

The Daily Record treats Sneddon's new biography - that he chose to walk away from the spotlight rather than simply not having the right temperament for it in the first place - generously, although they do sneak in one piece of snark:
And so it was that David Sneddon, the boy who could have become the biggest pop success to come out of Paisley since Kelly Marie, faded into obscurity.


Anonymous said...

David's a very private person and didn't enjoy the intrusive publicity that fame brought, and he didn't want to continue doing the kind of music his record company wanted him to do. He is now doing the kind of music he enjoys and has released an EP "White Noise", which has sold really well. He is a sought-after song-writer, and at the moment he is presenting a weekly sports programme for Radio Scotland. He has also been asked to perform at Party in the Park at the end of July, and will be appearing at the Jazz Bar at the Edinburgh Festival on 3 dates during August.

Anonymous said...

if you're a very private person that doesn't like intrusive publicity, surely going on a 12 week reality tv programe called 'fame academy' isn't the best idea, mr sneddon?

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