Friday, June 15, 2007

George Osborne every minute

Musical clashes on the floor of the Commons yesterday:

[Gordon Brown] took a swipe at George Osborne, his Tory shadow: "It is very difficult to listen to what he says on any one day, because he will usually have changed his mind by the next day, as he did on grammar schools. I understand that he has just given an interview to Glamour magazine. The interview has been issued with a free pair of flip-flops."

Labour MPs laughed immoderately at this sally, which provoked Mr Osborne to the rather feeble reply: "At least I don't appear in glossy magazines talking about what I hear on my iPod."

Not only was the comeback feeble, it wasn't true. For, in that very glossy Glamour magazine interview, Osborne, erm, talks about what he has on his iPod:
Magazine: “What’s on your iPod?”

Osborne: “I’ve got Ta-Dah by the Scissor Sisters and the Killers’ new album.”

Was Osborne deliberately misleading the House, or - like, we imagine, most of Glamour's buyers - has he simply not bothered to read his own interview?

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