Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's like William Hickey battling Nigel Dempster

They were always arguing in print about who had the first "scoop" on some story so far removed from the realms of interest, too. This morning, the 3AM Girls find room in their public service to provide a 'nyahnyahnyah' bit:

OH dear. Another boob from our low-rent "rivals". Last week, when we revealed P Diddy and Kim Porter's split they denied it, saying they had got him out of bed to "kill the rumour".

Sadly for the ill-informed team, Diddy's rep Keesha Johnson has confirmed they are no longer an item. Oops.


So, what's the big stories on 3AM today?
someone has created a fake Liam Gallagher profile on Facebook, and a photo of Rachel Stevens kissing Alex Leigh - woman kisses boyfriend shock - which was on the Daily Mail website yesterday lunchtime and they haven't even put on the Mirror site. Well done, everybody.

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