Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lights, camera, no Beckham

Victoria Beckham has promised us all she won't try and make it in the movies:

Laughing as she recalled her one and only movie, Victoria said: “Have you seen Spice World? I don’t think I’m that good at acting.”

But you design rubbish trousers and can't sing, but that hasn't stopped you muscling your way into those two industries.

The "I can't act" self-awareness must be making the Ugly Betty producers a little jumpy, as they've just lined up a guest appearance by the woman in their show, The trouble is, she thinks this doesn't count as acting:
She was particular about not launching herself as an actress because she is aware that she isn't one. That's why she wants to play herself, so she doesn't have to act.

Um... she does realise that playing yourself is probably harder than playing somebody else, as if you're unconvincing as yourself it looks terrible (as anyone who heard John Peel in The Archers would agree - one of the most familiar voices on British radio, and he didn't sound like John Peel at all. They'd have been better off getting the bloke who did him on The Young Dentists in.)


James said...

"She was particular about not launching herself as an actress"

Fine, but could someone please tell me what she is launching herself as? Sort-of-fashion-designing-ex-singing-wife-of-man-who-plays-sport-nobody-in-America-seems-that-interested-in? With a TV show following her in this illustrious career?

Isn't that the female equivalent of Nathan Barley's 'Self-facilitating media node'?

M.C. Glammer said...

Didn't she play herself in Spiceworld? Which she considers bad acting, yet she ants to play herself so she doesn't have to act!?!

Better getting a role where she doesn't have to think.

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