Monday, July 16, 2007

Shouldn't this have happened first?

What a wonderful idea - somebody from the Malawian Ministry of Children's Welfare is going to visit one of Madonna's many homes to decide if Mr and Mrs Ciccone are fit people to bring up David Banda. The cynical amongst us might wonder if the time to weigh up the appropriateness of a home is before the child is ripped from his birth family and flown halfway across the world; and, indeed, if an official from a ministry whose staff have received the benefit of one of the prospective parent's largess and - possibly even been promised more. With a decision as important as this one, surely the inquiry should be above suspicion - a third party could have been asked to do the meeting on the Ministry's behalf. Last year.

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M.C. Glammer said...

"...dogged by rumours of a rocky relationship and if rifts are spotted, they will be banned from adopting two-year-old David."

Luckily for them, Madonna's got some quality acting chops to fool the investigator with.

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